The Highlands Support Refugees have been sending aid, food and love to refugees since September 2015.  We are a 100% volunteer effort, stretching from Moray to Shetland, and all towns and villages in between. We help refugees in Syria, Lebanon and across Europe.

What we do: collecting donations of clothing and sorting them into categories (men’s trousers small etc), sorting toiletries, baby bottles and nappies, sleeping bags, socks and shoes; then lovingly packing them all into labelled boxes.

Sending aid: once packed we transport donations to the refugees most in need. They are all in need of our help, but at times, some more than others. We keep in touch with volunteers working in camps throughout Europe & the Middle East to understand where the need is greatest. We raise funds to pay for the transport too.

We mostly send aid in 40ft containers and have so far sent around 150 tonnes of aid to France, Greece, Lebanon & Syria.

Helping abroad: Some of our volunteers have helped and continue to support refugees on the ground in Greece, France and Macedonia.

Community engagement: In addition to sending aid, we work with local communities resettling refugees.  We also engage with local schools, churches and clubs, helping to educate people on the refugee crisis.

We are all Highlanders with big hearts, seeking to make a difference to displaced people who need us. You can support refugees too;

donate aid, donate money, donate time. x