We are always looking for people to help at THSR!  If you have some time to spare we can always find a job for you in return for a cup of tea and some good chat. At the moment we are looking for weekly help sorting and organising donations at our new premises. For regular updates please consult our Facebook page


or get in touch via email at james.thsr@gmail.com.

You don’t have to be at our depot to help, for jobs at home please click on the jobs at home guide below:

Jobs at home

Mending – Good quality clothing which could be really useful but may have a small tear or broken seam are separated out at our depot and then collected by volunteers who are able to mend them to a state where they can be worn. These donations can then just be dropped back at the depot to be sorted and sent. If you think you may be able to help with this job just drop by when the depot is open and ask one of our shift leaders if you can take home some mending.

Washing – We send out our aid to the same standard that would be expected in a charity shop and this means we expect it be clean and pleasant to wear. A good job that can be done is a few loads of washing, this is a great job that doesn’t require much of a time commitment. One of the THSR boxes is about two loads of washing and can be picked and then dropped off whenever is convenient.

Checking tents – We collect left over tents and camping equipment from Belladrum Tartan heart festival. We need volunteers to take these tents home and pitch them to ensure they are complete and not missing any essential parts. Please get in touch or stop by the depot if you are able to help with this.

Ebay – we often receive items that are not suitable for donation and can be sold on Ebay. If you are an Ebay enthusiast and might be able to help please get in touch!